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Copy of Photon Bike Rear Light

Copy of Photon Bike Rear Light

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Photon Flow Tail Lights - Shine Bright in the Night! 💫

Experience the ultimate cycling companion with our Photon Flow Tail Lights! Say goodbye to traditional flashing taillights – our lights emit a mesmerizing flowing effect, reminiscent of falling photons. This not only enhances visibility but also adds a touch of elegance to your ride, ensuring you stand out on the road. With three dynamic light modes and five vibrant colors to choose from, you'll ride with confidence and style day or night.

Stay Safe, Stay Stylish - Let Your Bike Shine! 🚴‍

Stay visible and stylish with our Photon Flow Tail Lights! Featuring ultra-bright LED lights, these tail lights ensure you're seen by others during nighttime rides, giving you peace of mind as you pedal through the darkness. Our tail lights provides continuous illumination, keeping you safe on every adventure.

Hassle-Free Installation for Maximum Convenience! 🛠️

Worried about complicated installations? Fear not! Our Photon Flow Tail Lights are designed for easy, stress-free installation on any bike. Simply follow our quick and straightforward steps: open the sticker, position the tube base, apply the tape, and you're good to go! With practicality at the forefront, our tail lights ensure you spend less time installing and more time riding confidently.


Ride Into the Night with Confidence - Let Our Lights Shine Bright! 🌌

Don't let the darkness hinder your cycling adventures! Our Photon Flow Tail Lights provide improved visibility and safety, allowing you to ride with confidence, day or night. Engineered for performance and style, these tail lights offer a sleek and elegant design, making your bike stand out while keeping you safe on the road. Say goodbye to worries and ride into the night with confidence, knowing you're equipped with the best in illumination technology.


Transform Your Cycling Experience Today! 🚀

Ready to take your cycling experience to the next level? Look no further than our Photon Flow Tail Lights! With their unmatched combination of style, safety, and convenience, these tail lights are a must-have for every cyclist. Whether you're commuting to work or embarking on a thrilling nighttime ride, our tail lights will ensure you're visible to others, ensuring you arrive safely at your destination. Don't wait – upgrade your ride with Photon Flow Tail Lights now!


  • Color: red, yellow, blue, green, pink
  • Power supply: USB
  • Category: light



  • 1×LED Bike Rear Light
  • 1×USB Charging Cable
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What features does the Photon bicycle rear light offer?

The LED bicycle rear light boasts enhanced visibility, prioritizing safety with its sleek design, day and night functionality, and easy setup. Emitting 40 lumens of bright light, it ensures optimal visibility, engineered for both safety and style. With its extended battery life and effortless installation, it's the perfect cycling companion.

How bright is the Photon bicycle rear light?

With 40 lumens of intense LED brightness, this light guarantees significant visibility for cyclists regardless of lighting conditions.

How does this tail light enhance cycling safety?

Crafted with precision, this tail light not only enhances visibility during night rides but also provides added safety through multiple brightness modes, ensuring a secure cycling experience.

What design style does this tail light offer?

The LED bicycle rear light boasts an elegant design, not only delivering functionality but also adding a touch of sophistication to your bike, blending safety with style seamlessly.

What is the battery life and performance of this tail light?

With an impressive battery life, this tail light offers 5 hours on bright mode, 8 hours flashing, 10 hours on low light, and 8 hours on slow flash, ensuring continuous protection during both day and night rides.

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