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Magic Copybooks for Kids

Magic Copybooks for Kids

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Unlock Your Child's Genius with Magic Copybooks! 🌟

Ignite your child's potential with our revolutionary Magic Copybooks. Watch as their handwriting, math skills, and overall learning abilities soar within just a week of playful practice. As parents, it's our duty to provide tools that not only educate but also spark curiosity and motivation. With Magic Copybooks, your child will be ahead of the curve in school and life!

The Secret to Faster Learning ! 🚀

Thousands of families are already experiencing the magic of Magic Copybooks. Our copybooks ensure your child learns faster than ever, leaving no room for them to be left behind. Witness significant improvements in handwriting, math, motor skills, drawing, and visual skills within weeks. Reusable with disappearing ink, Magic Copybooks is the key to unlocking your child's potential!


Unmatched Success Stories with Magic Copybooks! 🌈

Be part of the success stories echoing from thousands of delighted families using Magic Copybooks. Our copybooks come with a pen and magic ink refills, disappearing in just twenty minutes. If you want the ink to stay, use a standard ballpoint pen. Join the movement for unparalleled success, and watch your child's potential unfold before your eyes!

Unleash the Power of 4 Crucial Skills with Magic Copybooks! 🌟

Opt for our exclusive 4-Book bundle and fast-track your child's learning in math, handwriting, visual skills, motor skills, and drawing. These subjects will become your child's allies, making learning more friendly and fun. Watch in amazement as Magic Copybooks leaves a lasting impact on your child's skills and overall learning experience.

Master Writing and Math Together with Magic Copybooks! ✍️

Imagine the excitement of your child mastering both writing and math simultaneously! Our math books provide a unique approach, allowing your child to copy math sums while learning to write. This dual learning process teaches subconscious math, covering addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Empower your child's learning journey!

Great Benefits

  • Shortens the learning process
  • Reusable books
  • Teaches writing and math at the same time
  • Improves hand and eye coordination
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How many pages are in each book?

Each of the four different themed copybooks has 16 pages of activities. The complete set thus has 64 pages of activities.

Can I buy replacement pens and ink refills?

The Magic Copybook comes with plenty of ink refills, but additional pens and ink refills are available on our website.

Will the pens stain clothing?

No, the pens will not stain clothing as the ink disappears after a while.

What is the estimated shipping time for my order?

Your order is important to us, and we aim to get it to you swiftly. Our standard shipping time is 6-10 business days. Rest assured, you'll receive a tracking number to monitor your order's journey at every step, providing complete peace of mind.